As one of the most popular furniture brands in the world today, Amini is renowned for its unique yet traditional look that has become centerpieces of homes all over the world. With their wares in 3000 retailers spread out over 80 countries, it's clear that Amini is a global name.

Even more fascinating than the company is the man who started it, who embodies the rags to riches tale of entrepreneurship. Initially starting off as an electrical engineer, Michael Amini started his brand in 1988 with a few pieces of damaged furniture that he would resculpt and improve to be sold as his own. As the brand grew, Michael would frequently travel to places around the world to take inspiration from cultures and objects in exotic locations, giving his furniture an exotic flavour that no other brand has matched. We invite you to view our selection of Amini pieces here, or better yet, come down to our Burlington showroom to see it for yourself.